Collection: Ramadan special

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Please check the ingredients for any allergens at the bottom of the page. Contact us for any queries.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Allergens that products may contain:(Cereal(Gluten), Egg, Nuts, Milk, Sesame Seed, Soya, Sulfur Dioxide, Peanuts)

Please ask if unsure about any product

More specific ingredients: Wheat flour(gluten)(with calcium carbonate,iron,niacin,thlamin), vegetable ghee(sustainable palm oil,rapeseed oil,antifoaming agent E90, ghee flavour, beta carotene(E160A(0.0003%)), butter ghee(milk), sugar syrup(sugar, water, glucose syrup(wheat), citric acid), cahsew(nuts), almonds(nuts), walnuts(nuts), water, malze startch, semolina(wheat), coconut powder, milk powder, sunflower oil, rose water, baking powder, salt, tahina(sesame).